Bagi ruang Resources (IP0444124-X) has been start since November 2015. Established for the purpose of youth communities movements and supporting creativity / youth activities / islamic/ sports / recreational / art & culture to make our beloved city become Ipoh City of Awesome.

Bagirun Club (BRC) is our Running Community established since 2021 starting in Ipoh, Perak to raise awareness of the importance of practicing a healthy lifestyle. BRC also committed to produce athletes who can compete at the nation and also international level. Registered as “Badan Sukan” under “Seksyen 17 Akta Pembangunan Sukan 1997” with registered number C-PRK-12238. Our weekly routine is a leisurely run around Ipoh City Awesome known as LARILA. Feel free to join LARILA every Friday night at Ipoh Padang

Behind Bagi Ruang Resources